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The work of Spiritual Engineering Academy

February 14, 20245 min read

The work of SEA  is intensely practical. The client/student is given theoretical knowledge together with experimental work so that he/she learns both by methodical strategic outlined structures in real time and space and experience. As one continues with the process of self-unfolding, he/she gradually increases mastery of life, gently in the beginning this mastery will seem meager, then it will grow and grow with your participation. - Heather Renee

Spiritual Engineering Academy Training

Throughout time and in every age there are a few individuals who seek more in depth answers to the great mysteries of life than they can find in their culture, religion, environment, or heritage or through science. If your quest is sincere and the interpersonal drive persists, you will eventually be drawn into contact with SEA or another practice that will adhere to your individual curiosities and magnetic soul pulls to learn and grow, where you may be instructed and trained. 

There has always been some semblance of secrecy concerning the mysteries and the arts. It is the kind of secrecy which shrouds the work of great scientists such as Tesla. Einstein, Edison and others. This secrecy does not result from any deliberate withholding but rather from a mass ignorance and consequent inability to understand the concepts and reasoning required by advanced science. The custodians of Infinite Intelligence can no more disclose their knowledge to untrained men and women any more than Einstein can disclose his time relevance theories to children who are still in kindergarten.

The training is intensely practical.

The student is given theoretical knowledge together with experimental work so that he/she learns both by the preceptorial design and experience. As he/she continues with the process of self-unfolding, he/she gradually increases mastery of oneself, first in small things, then in greater.

However, lest you think that the spiritual attainment possible through following these teachings is to be had in some miraculous manner, Spiritual Engineering Academy declares to you at the outset that your sincerity, your desire, and your willingness to work will be the sole measure of your accomplishment. The training now offered by SEA was given only to selected students in the past. For you to be successful in the Work, your personal goals must correspond to those of the divine: personal enlightenment, self-transmutation, self-mastery and service to others.

To only desire the lower vital realms and hedonism, is not enough and will surely result in failure. So SEA seeks those individuals who are well motivated that will persist in our training and not just skim the surface. Spiritual Engineering Academy does not offer to remake your world for you. SEA, DOES offer you the keys to knowledge that will enable you to do it for yourself. 

SEA will propose to help you build and train the Inner Temple wherein conscious contact with the Higher Self may be made and your true spiritual inheritance may be realized and reflected in your world.

There is a fundamental drive within you to seek understanding, wisdom, true knowledge of yourself, nature, and the universe.

These are keys to the Universal Laws It is the objective of SEA to place these keys in the hands of those who are ready to receive and act upon it. This special knowledge enables you to know yourself and your creative powers, and to make for yourself the kind of world you want to live in. The problems that you face in life are not really obstacles, but like a closed door to a room that holds special knowledge. SEA gives you the key that will unlock the problem doors of your life, and in their opening, your Money Sex power and love great health, prosperity, and the mastery of your life and environment will increase. You cease to regard problems as indications of failure but as the means to gain new levels of understanding and control that you need in your life's journey. You learn the vital creative relationship between thinking and feeling so that you can use this knowledge to recreate your world. The spiritual imperative that is elaborated in SEA members is “Know thyself, and as thou knowest thyself, thou knowest thy Creator.”

The practical training of SEA, which includes study, meditation, imagery and creation, initiates a series of subtle but important changes in your inner world, which is an expansion of your conscious awareness. Even a slight increase in this area can impact and have an effect on your mental/emotional states. Your intuition increases and you become more aware of your motivations. You become more observant, which improves your daily happenings. Your ability to anticipate, pause and respond is enhanced, improving your discrimination in making choices. Objectivity is increased, aiding the ability to think more logically and clearly, which increases control over your environment and helps you define and accomplish your committed outcomes.

Become increasingly receptive to the guidance of your Higher Self

As you gain self discipline and continue your practice you will find yourself becoming increasingly receptive to the guidance of your Higher Self, which is the beginning of the transformational process. SEA fully realizes the implications of such assertions and the responsibility incurred in making them, yet they are made deliberately and are intended to be taken literally. HIGHER STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS. That you may understand that HIGHER consciousness goes even beyond self-consciousness. It has been called the consciousness beyond thought, the level of intuition. It is through this level of consciousness that direct knowledge of the answers to Life's questions are realized and one's path — past, present and future — is clearly seen.

Spiritual Engineering Academy seeks to disclose to all earnest seekers the means whereby they may induce a higher state of conscious and continued  awareness. ALL spiritual attainment comes through the expansion of conscious awareness, which is sometimes called an awakening, and in a greater sense illumination. SEA  offers you keys to such expansion and provides you with the necessary training methods and the techniques for its realization. These methods are clearly formulated to help the earnest seeker discover the means whereby higher or expanded states of consciousness may be experienced. Possession of such expanded states of consciousness will bring you closer to what you want to be and do in the world along with your true passions and purposes, with Integrity.


Spiritual Engineering Academy 

With Heather Renee

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